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Rick and Morty Style Player portal
Rick and Morty Style Player portal
Our Price: $25.00

This is our rendition Of the rick and morty style portal with your choice of White or Gold player. This sticker looks best on clear windows as part of the sticker is transparent to let light shine through. dont be left in another dimention with out one! BUUURP!!! more info
CanAm Uni2 Puck - Bright Red with White Slider
CanAm Uni2 Puck
Our Price: $70.00

The most durable, longest lasting high  performance puck in the world.  This puck was designed for improved and more stable puck play on tile to very rough bottom pools.  
The puck utilizes a replaceable Delrin (hard plastic) slider on both sides which exhibits a very low co-efficient of friction and extreme wear resistance.  If you wish to have a brass slider, please choose our CanAm Rough Duty Puck.  

If the sliders do become worn, they are easily replaceable with new sliders.  

The outer coating on the puck is made from a two-part poly urethane which very tough, yet soft enough to allow for the stick to grip the puck. The color of the coating has no effect on the softness of the puck.

In the end, you get a puck that slides wicked fast, stick-handles and shoots very well.

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Blue White Swirl
Blue White Swirl
Our Price: $75.00

A Beautiful Blue and White swirly Your choice of colored sliders!
We will also engrave a name on one slider if you'd like, free of charge.
Specify in order notes which slider color you'd like!
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Custom Swirl
Custom Swirl
Our Price: $80.00

Now offering Custom Pucks! Two colors of your choice will be custom swirled into one of our uni2! please read the directions below to ensure your custom puck is on POINT!

Color choices limited*. Please leave a customer note when placing your order with the two colors you choose. (*bright red, bright green, bright orange, bright pink, black, yellow, white, purple, blue and translucent blue)
Your choice of colored sliders**( please also list in customer notes) (**white, black, purple and pink
We will also engrave a name*** on one slider if you'd like, free of charge.
Specify in order notes which slider color you'd like!

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STRAILY Artist Choice.
STRAILY Artist Choice.
Our Price: $110.00

See more of the game than ever with the latest UWX Straily UW Sport Mask.

A single piece of injected Polycarbonate, the Straily combines unparalleled protection with panoramic vision. Unlike other masks, this lens also protects your nose. A layer of commercial grade antifog keeps the view clear during games.

We fit all Strailys with a marine grade nylon stretchy strap, a mesh drawstring bag for storage, and a Microfiber cloth. Colors on straps, bags, and rags will vary!

These masks feature Artist's choice of multi colors so you don't have to have a standard black , pictured above.

We currently have two sizing options, both with the same sized lens. A Standard, and a Narrow for slightly narrower faces. This listing is in the 'Standard' size.

5.00 domestic
25.00 International
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